Gred Dental Diamond Burs

What is Dental Diamond Burs?

The dental diamond burs are composed of a stainless-steel frame coated in diamond powder available in various grits. The level grits determine the application of the burs in the dental practice. By the way, the sharpest diamond burs have delicate grits. Generally speaking, the dental diamond burs not only can be regarded as polishing burs in dental practice but also can be used for cutting zirconia or grinding porcelain during the preparation and placement of veneers and crowns. It is because the diamond which is the raw material of the diamond burs is one of the hardest materials today.

Reasons to Buy Dental Burs in Veep

  • As one of world leading dental diamond burs manufacturers, Veep is devoting to provide the highest quality and precised dental diamond burs at the best possible price. And, in doing so, to offer an unmatched customer experience.
  • We choose the high hardness, wear resisting and sharp emery particle, using precision NC lathe machining and Self-developed technology to manufacture multi-layer  emery particle for every bur, make the bur is sharp and long life. Our diamond burs handle made by 304 stainless stell material with high precision machine, more durable.
  • Free sample are available to test, but please understand the shipping cost should bear by you.

Free sample are available to test

Measure burs

Ensure each dental burs handle size
Ensure each dental burs handle size
Inspect burs

Inspect the burs size&diamond quality by eyes

Inspect the burs size&diamond quality by eyes

Abraslon test

When finished the burs production, ensure product quality through abrasion test

ensure product quality through abrasion test

Checklng quallty

Check the burs size&diamond quality through microscope

Check the burs size&diamond quality through microscope

Checklng quallty

Pack the burs after the above is  completed

Abrasion test:When finished the burs production, ensure product quality through abrasion test
Checking quality: Check the burs size&diamond quality through microscope
Packing burs:Pack the burs after the above is completed

Material: 304 stainless steel, sharpest diamond and real golden(gold burs)
Technology: Multi-layer printed
Maximum speed:   
Blue & Green 450000RPM/min
Yellow 300000RPM/min
Red 160000RPM/min”

Length: 19mm,21mm and 25mm
Size: 188 kinds, OEM are available
Working life: 5-8 teeth
 Package can be choose:      
① 1pc/sterilize bag
② 5pcs/pack
③ 10pcs/box

Looking to enhance your dental services? The answer is right at your fingertips. Introducing our Gred Dental Diamond Burs. Crafted from high-grade diamonds, these burs deliver remarkable performance for a range of dental procedures. What’s more? They’re brought to you by VeepDental, one of the most trusted dental diamond burs manufacturers.

Unmatched Quality and Precision

With VeepDental, you’re guaranteed quality. Our diamond burs are:

  • Manufactured using high-grade diamonds for maximum hardness and longevity.
  • Expertly designed for use with high-speed handpieces.
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different dental procedures.

And did we mention? They’re as durable as they are precise, ensuring reliable performance every time.

Single-Use and Sterile for Optimum Safety

Say goodbye to cross-contamination worries. Our Gred Dental Diamond Burs are:

  • Packaged sterile for single-use, ensuring maximum patient safety.
  • Available in convenient packs of 25, 50, or 100 pieces, making inventory management a breeze.

Trust us, when it comes to patient safety, we don’t compromise.

Comprehensive Range for All Your Dental Needs

Whether you’re preparing a cavity for a filling or reshaping teeth, we’ve got you covered. Our range includes:

  • The X135 – Round Ultra-premium Diamond Bur for precision drilling.
  • The B852-016-FG Black Cobra Diamond Bur with a round end for efficient tooth preparation.
  • The 1116.10M Single-Use Diamond Bur for safe, one-time use.

Don’t see what you need? Yikes! Check out our full range of dental burs for more options.

Reputable Manufacturer with Unrivaled Expertise

VeepDental isn’t just another name in the dental industry. We’re a reputable manufacturer, committed to delivering top-grade dental solutions. We believe that every dental procedure is important, and we’re dedicated to providing the tools you need to succeed.

We invite you to explore our range of dental products and experience the VeepDental difference.


Don’t settle for less when it comes to your dental practice. Trust VeepDental’s Gred Dental Diamond Burs for consistent, high-grade performance. After all, your patients deserve the best.

Ready to give us a try? Contact us today for more information or place your order now to experience the difference. Phew! You’ll be glad you did.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Jerry Dental offers high-quality dental carbide burs at competitive price.
Dental Carbide Burs(Dental Carbide Burrs), also called tungsten cutter for dental or laboratory carbide burs.

Our FG carbide burs are manufactured with premium designed tungsten carbide blades and stainless steel shank, provide faster and smoother cutting, and make our products as high-quality as SS White.

Diamond dental burs are the most commonly used as a friction gripping tool because the physical features make the bur becomes the hardest and sharpest diamond burs. Made from tungsten carbide, dental carbide burs are a type of dental burs for cavity preparation, metal filling cutting, bone shaping, etc.

Rotary instruments and burs are among the most widely used instruments in dental practice. The Jerry Dental Diamond is an innovative line of high quality diamond burs. The products in this line are in strict compliance with ISO certification standards, so you can be assured of the superior quality of each diamond bur.

Because dental bur is operated in the patient’s mouth, it is often in contact with saliva, blood and mucous membrane tissue, so the choice of disinfectant is more strict. We should choose disinfectants with good sterilization effect, less irritation and less corrosiveness to metal. 20mg/L glutaraldehyde and other chemical disinfectants are used clinically for disinfection of dental bur.

For dentists,the dental handpiece is one of the most commonly used dental instruments in dentistry. The bur required for the dental handpiece drill is also a common consumable tool used by dentists in their daily work. So what is a dental handpiece bur? What is it used for? First of all, the bur is a very small diamond bur, this bur consists of a head and a handle, can be inserted into the high and low speed dental handpiece to use, to help dentists open cavities and repair teeth. With this explanation, are you able to understand the dental handpiece bur well? Dental burs are divided into tungsten carbide burs and diamond burs. Among them, tungsten carbide burs are more commonly used in foreign countries, while in China, dentists use mainly diamond burs.

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