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Diamond Burs Set

Diamond Burs Set

Diamond Burs Set

The base and cover are made of aluminum alloy, which can be sterilized at 135℃ high temperature and high pressure.

Porcelain veneer preparation kit cotains WR-16, WR-18, TR-12, TR-26, TZ-025, FO-33 and TC-21

Reverse the preparation of teeth aiamond bur contains TZ-021, TZ-016C, TZ-023C, TZ-025C, TZ-006F,
TZ-010F, TZ-015F and TZ-021.

Interproximal enamel stripping preparation kit contains TF-48, WR-28 and TC-11.

Anterior and posterior crowns preparation kit contains TF21, TR-25, TC-10, WR-13, SR-11, EX-19F, SO-18,
SO-20, SO-21 and TZ-023

Inlay/high inlay preparation kit contains DI-36, DI-38, RS-S11, RS-41, EX-18F, FO-22 and FO-33.

These diamond burs are used for carving and grinding stones. The set consists of 20 pcs. of sintered diamond burs. High quality made and durable.

You can use the Veep Dental Diamond Burr Set (20 PC.) for etching, fast cutting, filing, grinding, sanding, and shaping with detail and precision. You can use this on brick, ceramics, fiberglass, glass, gold, hardened steel, marble, metal, plastic, platinum, rock carbide, silver, stone, tile, wood, fiberglass, and any solid surface. All burrs in this set have a 1/8” shank diameter size, which allows them to be compatible with most die grinder and rotary tools. The burr shapes include ball, cone, cylinder, and more.

They are 1-3/4” long and made of GR-2 quality diamond. A clear plastic storage case, which is included, provides convenient organization and storage of your burrs for future use. CAUTION: Using power tools can be dangerous. Always take care and keep away from children. Wear protective eyewear in work area at all times. Select correct type and size of power tools for work.

Veep Dental is committed to providing the customer with the best source for value possible on the market. You will enjoy the quality, function and usefulness of our Veep Dental Diamond Burr Set (20 PC.). IPR Rights Notice: Important: Avoid getting counterfeit items. Genuine Veep Dental products come with the Veep Dental logo on the packaging.

Welcome to the world of VeepDental, where we redefine dental precision with our high-quality, carefully designed Diamond Burs Set. Our diverse collection of dental burs ensures you have the right tool for every procedure. From composite finishing to periodontic procedures, we’ve got you covered!

What makes our Diamond Burs Set Special?

Our Diamond Burs Set is not just another tool in your dental arsenal. Here’s why:

  • High-Quality Material: Crafted with utmost precision, our burs are diamond coated, offering superior durability and cutting efficiency.
  • Variety: Our set includes different types of burs to suit various dental procedures. Whether it’s for carving, shaping, or grinding, we’ve got a bur for you!
  • Compatibility: Our burs come with a standard 3.2mm shank, making them compatible with most dental handpieces.
  • Comprehensive Set: Our set includes a variety of burs, from FG diamond burs to finishing and polishing burs, providing a comprehensive solution for all your dental needs.

VeepDental – More than just a Diamond Burs Set

At VeepDental, we don’t just offer dental diamond burs; our wide array of products also includes dental handpieces, dental curing lights, and much more. We believe in providing complete dental solutions, and our product range is a testament to that.

Tailored Solutions for Every Dental Need

No two dental procedures are the same, and neither are the tools required. That’s why our Diamond Burs Set includes:

  • High-Speed Diamond Burs: Perfect for procedures that require speed and precision.
  • Periodontic Diamond Burs: Designed for periodontal procedures, these burs are essential for every dental practice.
  • Vacuum Brazed Diamond Burs: These burs offer superior cutting efficiency and longer lifespan.
  • Finishing and Polishing Diamond Burs: Ideal for the final steps of restorative procedures, providing a smooth finish.
  • Electroplated Diamond Burs: These burs offer exceptional durability and are perfect for tough dental procedures.


When it comes to dental procedures, precision and quality matter. That’s where VeepDental’s Diamond Burs Set comes in. With a variety of burs tailored for different procedures, this set is a must-have for every dental practice.

Whether you’re a dental professional looking to upgrade your tools or a distributor seeking high-quality dental equipment, VeepDental has got you covered. Explore our range of products, including our premium Diamond Burs Set, and experience the difference quality makes. Don’t just take our word for it, experience it yourself. Contact us today!

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Jerry Dental offers high-quality dental carbide burs at competitive price.
Dental Carbide Burs(Dental Carbide Burrs), also called tungsten cutter for dental or laboratory carbide burs.

Our FG carbide burs are manufactured with premium designed tungsten carbide blades and stainless steel shank, provide faster and smoother cutting, and make our products as high-quality as SS White.

Diamond dental burs are the most commonly used as a friction gripping tool because the physical features make the bur becomes the hardest and sharpest diamond burs. Made from tungsten carbide, dental carbide burs are a type of dental burs for cavity preparation, metal filling cutting, bone shaping, etc.

Rotary instruments and burs are among the most widely used instruments in dental practice. The Jerry Dental Diamond is an innovative line of high quality diamond burs. The products in this line are in strict compliance with ISO certification standards, so you can be assured of the superior quality of each diamond bur.

Because dental bur is operated in the patient’s mouth, it is often in contact with saliva, blood and mucous membrane tissue, so the choice of disinfectant is more strict. We should choose disinfectants with good sterilization effect, less irritation and less corrosiveness to metal. 20mg/L glutaraldehyde and other chemical disinfectants are used clinically for disinfection of dental bur.

For dentists,the dental handpiece is one of the most commonly used dental instruments in dentistry. The bur required for the dental handpiece drill is also a common consumable tool used by dentists in their daily work. So what is a dental handpiece bur? What is it used for? First of all, the bur is a very small diamond bur, this bur consists of a head and a handle, can be inserted into the high and low speed dental handpiece to use, to help dentists open cavities and repair teeth. With this explanation, are you able to understand the dental handpiece bur well? Dental burs are divided into tungsten carbide burs and diamond burs. Among them, tungsten carbide burs are more commonly used in foreign countries, while in China, dentists use mainly diamond burs.

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