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Since our inception in 2010, Veep Dental has not only been a beacon of innovation in dental equipment manufacturing but has also established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of dental handpiece parts. Our commitment to quality and precision has made us a preferred choice among dental hospitals and practitioners globally.

Extensive Range of High-Quality Dental Handpiece Parts

Our product line prominently features a variety of dental handpiece parts, catering to the diverse needs of the dental community. This includes:

  1. Wholesale Handpiece Parts: Recognizing the demand for cost-effective yet high-quality dental handpiece parts, we offer a wide range of components at wholesale prices. Our wholesale handpiece parts supplier network ensures prompt and reliable delivery of essential parts to dental practices worldwide.

  2. Premium Dental Handpiece Parts: For those seeking the highest quality, our premium dental handpiece parts are manufactured to meet and exceed industry standards. These parts are designed to enhance the functionality and longevity of your dental handpieces.

  3. Quality Dental Handpiece Parts: Quality is at the heart of Veep Dental’s ethos. Each part we supply is rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance and durability. Our quality dental parts contribute to the precision and efficiency of dental procedures.

Dedicated to Meeting Diverse Dental Needs

In addition to our specialty in dental handpiece parts, we continue to offer a broad spectrum of dental equipment, including curing lights, chair control systems, burs, LED lamps, and more. Our diverse range allows us to serve as a one-stop shop for dental equipment needs, including both specialized and general dental tools.

Why Choose Veep Dental for Dental Handpiece Parts?

Choosing Veep Dental means opting for a supplier that combines quality, affordability, and comprehensive customer service. Whether you’re looking to buy dental handpieces parts or seeking a reliable source for bulk orders, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions in the market.

Dental Carbide Burs Supplies

The dental carbide burs, a quality dental part offered by Veep Dental, are essential for cutting work like preparing cavities, shaping bones during dental implant surgery, and more. Buy dental handpieces parts from us for assured quality.

Veep Dental Supplies understand the need for high quality carbide bur and carbide rotary files.Quality Titanium Nitride coated carbide burs made in the China.

Dental Operating Lamp at Best Price in China

Dental Operating Lights, a premium dental handpiece part, are a standard in dental practices. Veep Dental, a renowned dental handpiece manufacturer, offers these at the best price in China.

Veep Dental specializing in the production and sales of operating lamp,led operating light.Buy Dental Operating Lamp in China. Veep Dental is one of the leading online store for buying Dental Operating Lamp at very discount prices.

Dental Chair Control System

The dental chair PCB, a star dental handpiece part, is the core of the dental chair control system. Find Dental Chair Control System suppliers in China at Veep Dental. The dental chair PCB determines how the dental chair works and what functions the dental chair can offer. 

Find Dental Chair Control System suppliers in China. Dental Chair Control System The dental chair PCB is the core of the dental chair control system. 

The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Veep Dental is your top source for good quality handpiece repair parts. We carry dental bearing kits, rotors and spindles, o-rings, and more. If you have questions, feel free to contact our specialists, who are experts in dental handpiece repair.

Dental handpiece is primarily used when polishing or applying the finishing touches to a dental operation. Due to the technological advancements in science and medicine, dental handpieces also evolved its design and features throughout the years.

Two types of handpieces have evolved throughout the years and have become considerably more sophisticated and efficient in its current modern iteration. Throughout the years, since the inception of traditional dental handpieces, this instrument has undergone various redesigns, tweaks, and improvements.

In the world of dental care, precision and reliability are paramount. Dental handpieces, the instruments dentists use for various procedures, are intricate machines that require particular parts to operate properly. One supplier that stands out in this specialized field is Veep Dental .

What’s on Offer at Veep Dental?

Veep Dental specializes in providing premium handpiece parts, including dental rotors and other essential components for your handpieces. Whether you need to replace a worn-out part or upgrade your equipment, Veep Dental has you covered.

Their product line extends to scaler tips, dental resin composite heaters, and other essential materials that enhance the efficiency of dental procedures. They also offer dental handpieces of various types and brands, including high-speed, low-speed, and specialized handpieces for specific procedures.

How Does Veep Dental Stand Out?

Veep Dental prides itself on offering top-quality parts at competitive prices. The company has a reputation for exceptional customer service, and they are committed to helping their clients find the right parts for their needs.

Leveraging connections to over 50 factories, they offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. Their strategic partnerships enable them to pass savings onto customers.

Why Choose Veep Dental?

The company’s parts are manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment specifications, ensuring that your handpieces will perform as well as they did when they were brand new. Veep Dental also offers fast shipping, so you can get your parts quickly and get back to work.

Their commitment to quality and innovation makes them a preferred choice for dental professionals. Selecting the right supplier is a critical decision that requires careful consideration of various factors, including reputation, quality, customer support, and product diversity.

Veep Dental vs. Other Suppliers

SupplierQualityPriceCustomer ServiceShipping
Veep DentalHighCompetitiveExceptionalFast
Other SuppliersVariesVariesVariesVaries


  1. Dental Clinic in London: “Our clinic decided to try air-turbine dental handpieces from Veep Dental. The cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality was a pleasant surprise. The handpieces are durable, and the company provided excellent training and support.”
  2. Testimonial from Sydney Dental Hospital: “We sourced various dental handpieces from VeepDental online. The buying process was smooth, and the products arrived in perfect condition. The LED optimal light attachments have been a game-changer in our procedures. Highly recommended!”

Veep Dental is a reliable and affordable source for high-quality dental handpiece parts. Whether you need to replace a worn-out part or upgrade your equipment, Veep Dental has the parts you need to keep your handpieces running smoothly.

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Veep Dental- a progressive group, recognized as the pioneer and well established name in China market place offers widest range of International Dental Equipments with global standards.

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