Dental Chair Control System

The dental chair PCB is the core of the dental chair control system. The dental chair PCB determines how the dental chair works and what functions the dental chair can offer.

In Veep Dental, the system we offer has advanced dental chair PCB. It could let your dental chair has multiple great functions, so as to improve the dental chair control system. All our dental chair PCB could ensure the chair passes the EMC test and provides the dental chair with stable voltage.

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Fully electrically operated dental chair with state of art microprocessor based chair control system with feather touch switches for chair operations with Zero programme gives precise control over the chair.

A reliable and efficient dental delivery system is all you need, and the right dental chair delivery system can save time and prevent frustration.

Jerry has multiple options on the portable dental delivery system to fit your individual needs and budget. Every Jerry mobile dental delivery unit is designed with the same specialized attention to efficiency and reliability.

From various integration capabilities to different mounting options, as well as simple to integrated design, we have post-mount, swing mount, side mount and 12 O’clock rear mount, Jerry provides you with all dental surgical instruments solutions.

The Dental Chair is a specially designed medical device intended to support a patient’s whole body, like a recliner, but articulated, so that the dentist can recline patients to virtually any position.

The dental chair is the focal point of treatment and the patient’s comfort, which is why its function and form are of equal importance.” The modern dental chair is a state-of-the-art dental tool, and cutting-edge medical furniture, combined in a single dental unit.

A dental unit is the necessary work tool of every dental professional. This dental unit consists of specific parts that include the dental chair, stool, lighting, hydric box, aspiration, cuspidor and other elements that we will explain below.
According to the line, the range and brand of the dental chair, those items will be different and will have specific functionalities. In this article we show you the parts of a dental chair, its advantages and characteristics according to the model:


The spittoon is the container that is placed next to the dental chair so you can rinse and salivate during the process. In this case, the cuspidor cup is made with porcelain, it is removable and autoclavable. To this we add that the tap is removable so that it can be cleaned in a much simpler way.

Aspirator system
The aspirator is a small tube used to suction the saliva that accumulates in the mouth or small particles of the cavity. Both the aspiration system and the cuspidor are placed to the left of the chair in the case of right-handed, and vice versa if left-handed. If you are interested in ambidextrous and left handed dental equipment you can find the options that we have available in this article:

The pedal in a dental unit serves to activate the rotation of the different instruments, for example regulating the chair or activating the water of the water group. In the SD 150 model the pedal is progressive and has control of the micromotor through a potentiometer.

In addition, there are also other wireless pedals with Wi-Fi connection, as in the ANCAR series 5. The great advantage is that it is much easier to move, more practical, cleaner and safer, in addition to having a long life of autonomy. The recharges are made every 4 or 5 months and you can work with cable while recharging.

Instrument tray or table
The instrument tray is one of the most necessary and useful tools for every professional. The instrument tray holds all needed instruments for the dentist to work with. The way of working of each professional is different. There are professionals who prefer the continental system or whip, others who prefer hanging hoses or cart.

Intraoral lighting lamp
And finally, we finish the tour of the parts of a dental unit with lighting. The intraoral lighting lamp is another of the basic elements that all dental equipment must have. It is a high intensity lamp that concentrates the entire beam of light inside the patient’s oral cavity to be able to work without any type of problem. Look for yours among the most popular lamps sold among dentists.

The pedal is one of the most important elements in a dental unit. Thanks to this pedal we can activate the instruments that have rotation and the chair controls.

Depending on the model we choose we will have one type of pedal or another, the most common being the pedals with levers. The pedal can have a vertical activation or on the side and can present a square, rectangular or round shape.

Over the years, advances in technology and the rise of innovation also in the dental sector, we are increasingly seeing more multifunction wireless pedals. One of the advantages of ANCAR Series 3, 5 and 7 models are their wireless pedals with WiFi connection.

These are multi-function electronic pedals with water selection, chair movement control, micromotor rotation and Chip Blower function.

What are the differences between one pedal and another?
The big difference between one and another is that the standard model works with a cable the wireless is connected via WiFi. This wireless pedal has a long autonomy and can continue to work during recharges, in addition, the battery status will appear on the monitor screen to know at all times if it needs to be recharged. It has an autonomy of approximately 4 months and can be connected to the chair by a cable while work continues.

Depending on the model there are different types of control units. Usually there is a pedal, which can be wireless or not and a smart, intuitive and ergonomic keyboard.

Another element to control the dental unit is the keyboard, which has to be intuitive (easy to use) and ergonomic. All this is what ANCAR is looking for when launching a new product that meets the needs of the dentist and facilitates their work in their day to day.

There are two types of keyboards: Easy Touch and Touch Expert, the latter being the most complete and multifunction key board. The Touch Expert keyboard consists of a touch screen that can program up to 4 different users and the configuration of all the instruments used in the consultation.
Some examples of what the touch screen can do:

  • – It is responsible for the programming of the ultrasound work parameters in ENDO, PERIO, SCALER, working range and light intensity in the instruments.
  • -Adjusts the working parameters of the micromotor
  • -Displays the power level of the ultrasound and the actual working speed of the turbine.
  • -It consists of a system for detection and control of anomalies and warnings
  • -Estable statistics on the use of the unit: movements of the chair, use of instruments, frequent notices, etc.
  • -Inverse timer function
  • -Selection of the working language
  • -Programming Automatic Chip Blower
  • -System Update Device: Incorporates the latest programming updates even years after its acquisition.

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