China’s Top 10 Dental Curing Light Manufacturers in 2024

Dental curing lights, also known as dental polymerization lamps, are an essential piece of technology in modern dentistry. From routine dental fillings to braces and implants, these lights allow dentists to properly cure a wide range of dental materials. With the growth of China’s dental industry, Chinese manufacturers have become leading global suppliers of high-tech, […]

Dental curing lights, also known as dental polymerization lamps, are an essential piece of technology in modern dentistry. From routine dental fillings to braces and implants, these lights allow dentists to properly cure a wide range of dental materials. With the growth of China’s dental industry, Chinese manufacturers have become leading global suppliers of high-tech, affordable dental curing lights.

This article profiles the 10 best dental curing light manufacturers in China, evaluating their products, prices, certifications, and more. Whether you’re a dentist sourcing new office equipment or a dealer searching for reliable suppliers, use this guide to find the right China dental curing light supplier for your needs.

Overview of Dental Curing Lights

Before introducing China’s top suppliers, let’s briefly overview dental curing light technology and key features:

  • Function: Dental curing lights use visible blue light to activate photoinitiators in resin-based compounds, causing them to harden. This allows dentists to bond braces, fill cavities, cement crowns, and more.
  • Design: Modern dental lamps typically use LED technology for energy efficiency and longevity. Cordless handheld designs improve portability and ergonomics.
  • Power & Curing Time: Higher power (mW/cm2) enables faster curing times. Most lamps offer different modes – high power for 5-10 second cures or low power for longer 20 second exposures.
  • Smart Features: Newer lamps boast built-in light meters, radiometers, and timers to automatically measure and control light intensity, ensuring consistent curing.
  • Safety Certifications: Reputable manufacturers meet safety and quality standards like CE, RoHS, FDA, ISO 13485, etc. Genuine certifications indicate electrical safety and clinical effectiveness.

Now let’s examine China’s top dental curing light manufacturers displaying innovation and reliable quality:

1. Guangzhou Rebornendo Medical Instrument Co.

Founded in 2004, Rebornendo produces high-tech dental equipment exported to over 70 countries worldwide. Their cordless curing lamps utilize advanced features:

  • Patented built-in radiometer automatically adjusts intensity for uniform curing
  • Rotatable head and slim design improves ergonomics
  • 350mW/cm2 power for 5-15 second exposure times
  • Touchscreen with multiple modes (high, low, pulse, ramp curing)
  • Prices range $10 – $557 per unit

Rebornendo enjoys a strong global reputation thanks to ISO 13485 quality certification and over 16 years of innovation. Their dental curing lights deliver exceptional performance at affordable costs.

2. Foshan Topmed Dental Co.

Established in 2000, Foshan Topmed specializes in LED dental curing lights at economical prices. Popular models include:

  • Cordless Freedom Light: Wireless with built-in radiometer and LCD display ($95)
  • Mini LED Lamp: Compact and portable basic model ($20)
  • Halogen Lamps: Reliable performance for lower budgets ($30 – $75)

Foshan Topmed focuses specifically on polymerization equipment for dentistry. They offer halogen, LED, and cordless dental curing lights to suit different budgets and needs.


Henan Baistra Industries supplies high quality dental devices to domestic and overseas markets. Product highlights include:

  • Touchscreen Dental Lamp: Smart touch controls, 350mW/cm2 power output ($230)
  • Cordless Curing Light: Slim and lightweight, 350mW/cm2, built-in radiometer ($150)
  • LED Max Power Lamp: Impressive 1800mW/cm2 intensity for ultra fast 3 second curing ($8)

Baistra’s advanced R&D capabilities and modern manufacturing facilities ensure excellent performance and reliability. Their website showcases a wide selection of affordably priced dental curing solutions.

4. Foshan Vokodak Medical Equipment Co.

Founded in 2009, Vokodak produces sterilization equipment, compressors, and other dental technologies. Their curing light offerings include:

  • VK7 Wireless Lamp: Smart app control, 350mW/cm2 intensity ($250)
  • Halogen Lamp: Robust metal housing with adjustable light guide ($100)
  • LED Matrix Lamp: Uniform curing across entire jaw ($750)

While pricier than competitors, Vokodak products showcase impressive quality and cutting-edge designs. Their website provides detailed specs and factory tour videos highlighting advanced production capabilities.

5. Shenzhen Chengxin Guangjin Light Source Precision Technology Co.

Established in 2016, Chengxin Guangjin possesses rich expertise in light source technologies. Dental offerings include:

  • Cordless LED Lamp with Radiometer: Precisely measures intensity for consistent curing ($$120)
  • Multi-LED Matrix Lamp: Homogeneous light distribution across 5x5cm area ($$230)
  • LED Oral Light: Portable and rechargeable for oral examinations ($$75)

Chengxin Guangjin focuses intensely on applied research around light sources and optical technology. Their website showcases state-of-the-art labs and equipment. Expect reliable quality with advanced LED dental curing lights.

6. Mecco

Mecco produces affordable, high-quality dental equipment exported to over 100 countries. Their popular dental curing lights feature:

  • Patented TrueView technology for uniform light distribution
  • Built-in radiometer and multiple curing modes
  • Lightweight, cordless design
  • Prices ranging $9.90 – $210 per unit

Mecco’s substantial expertise in digital dentistry helps create user-friendly, high-performance dental curing solutions at reasonable costs. Their website offers online support and customization services.

7. Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions

A leading global dental equipment manufacturer, Dolphin Imaging offers advanced dental curing lights like:

  • PowerCure: Smart sensor for automatic intensity adjustment
  • Elite Series: Cordless, 350mW/cm2 power, 5-15 sec cures
  • LED Matrix Lamp: Homogeneous curing across entire jaw

Known for digital imaging systems, Dolphin also produces excellent LED curing lights. Reasonably priced units come backed by strong warranties and customer service.

8. Guilin Woodpecker Medical Instrument Co.

Since 2000, Woodpecker has supplied high-quality, affordable dental equipment to over 100 countries. Their well-reviewed curing lights feature:

  • Patented parallel double light guide rod design
  • 350mW/cm2 power for 5-15 second curing
  • Large LCD display with adjustable settings
  • Cordless, lightweight, ergonomic shape

Woodpecker’s substantial R&D capabilities deliver reliable, innovative dental devices. Expect good value at competitive price points around $100-$150.

9. Changsha Mediwork Medical Technology Co.

Mediwork, established in 2016, produces specialized medical devices including advanced dental lamps:

  • Cordless Freedom Lamp: Slim, LED matrix light with radiometer
  • Woodpecker Co-Branded Lamp: Durable, adjustable intensity
  • Multi-LED Matrix Lamp: 10x10cm curing area with uniform light

This relatively young company focuses intensely on quality control and optical technology R&D. Mediwork’s dental curing lamps offer the latest features at reasonable prices.

10. Shenzhen Up3D Tech Co.

Up3D Tech specializes in 3D printing and digital dentistry technologies. Their dental curing portfolio includes:

  • Intelligent LED Lamp: Smart sensor, multiple modes, 30 sec timer
  • Wireless Freedom Lamp: Cordless with radiometer and LCD
  • Multi-LED Matrix Lamp: Adjustable light guide rod

Up3D Tech focuses on seamless digital dental workflows – dental curing lights nicely complement their 3D printers and scanners. Expect strong customer service and warranties.

How to Select China’s Best Dental Curing Light Supplier

When sourcing dental curing lights from Chinese manufacturers, here are key considerations:

  • Carefully compare technical specifications like power, size, features, and certifications.
  • Review third party test reports and customer reviews when available.
  • Evaluate supplier qualifications like years in business, reputation, specializations.
  • Determine required budgets and pricing thresholds.
  • Examine quality control, customization capabilities, and warranty terms.
  • Assess production capacity and lead times to meet demand.

Thoroughly researching suppliers using the criteria above allows finding high-quality, affordable dental curing solutions made to your exact needs and budgets.

The Future of China’s Dental Device Manufacturing

China’s vast manufacturing capacity, skilled engineers, and intense R&D make it a dominant force in producing the latest, cost-effective dental technologies.

Chinese curing light manufacturers will continue leading global dental innovation through investments in:

  • Smart Sensors – Built-in radiometers and light meters to automatically adjust and stabilize intensity
  • Wireless Charging – Convenient inductive charging stations for cordless lamp handles
  • Displays & Connectivity – Touchscreens, mobile/cloud connectivity for data tracking
  • Light Matrix Arrays – Broad homogeneous curing areas to treat entire dental arches

Positioned on the cutting edge, China’s top suppliers will keep delivering exceptional value to meet dentistry’s growing technical demands at affordable price points.


We’ve profiled the 10 best manufacturers of dental curing lights in China, highlighting advanced products with innovative features at very reasonable costs compared to Western competitors. By selecting suppliers strategically based on certifications, specializations, warranties, and technical specifications aligned with your needs, Chinese dental curing lights offer unbeatable value.

Connect with the reputable, high-capability manufacturers profiled here to equip your dental practice with the latest light curing technology. Reach out with any questions – they’ll be happy to suggest the perfect customized solution for your clinic and budget.

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