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Wired Curing Light JR-CL17 (2013 Built-in)

Wired Curing Light JR-CL17 (2013 Built-in)

Wired Curing Light JR-CL17 (2013 Built-in)

JR-CL17(Built-in type) with colorful bionic handle design. This curing light suit for any brand dental resign.
Wired Dental Led Curing Light with 3 working modes(Full power output, Ramp, Pulse) and have different time setting, it will remember the last setting automatically. ”

Working Voltage:AC/DC 24V
Wavelength: 420-480nm
Light Intensity: 1000-1200mW/cm2
Different Times Setting: 5s,10s,15s,20s,25s,30s,35s,40s
1pc/package,Dimension :21*16*8cm

Gross Weight:475g
40pcs/Carton, Dimension:65*49*49cm
Gross Weight:21kgs

Welcome to the world of dental technology, where VeepDental brings you our classic built-in Wired Curing Light JR-CL17. This FDA-approved marvel is a game-changer in the dental industry, offering top-notch performance, durability, and ease of use.

Why Choose Wired Curing Light JR-CL17?

The JR-CL17 is not your average dental curing light. Here’s why:

  • LED Technology: Our wired curing light uses state-of-the-art light-emitting diode (LED) technology, known for its longevity and energy efficiency.
  • Diverse Units: The product encompasses quartz-tungsten-halogen (QTH), LED, plasma arc curing (PAC), and Argon laser units. This ensures a wide range of dental applications.
  • Optimal Intensity Output: Despite its compact size, this curing light packs a punch with an intensity output of 300 mW/cm2, ensuring effective curing in dental procedures.
  • FDA Approved: Safety is our priority. The JR-CL17 is FDA approved, ensuring it meets the highest safety and quality standards.
  • Wired Advantage: Our wired curing light eliminates the need for recharging, ensuring uninterrupted service during dental procedures. You can also check our dental handpiece parts for more wired dental equipment.

Going Beyond Just Curing

Yikes! The JR-CL17 is more than just a curing light. It’s a versatile tool that can also serve as a dental operating lamp, providing adequate illumination for various dental procedures. Now, isn’t that handy?

The VeepDental Advantage

Choosing VeepDental is choosing quality, innovation, and reliability. Here’s why:

  • Pioneering Dental Equipment: We’re not just about curing lights. Check out our dental handpieces and dental diamond burs for a comprehensive dental solution.
  • Unmatched Quality: We stand by our products, and the JR-CL17 is no exception. Crafted with precision and care, it’s designed to last and perform. Don’t believe us? Just check out our gold dental diamond burs.
  • Customer Service: We’re here for you. Have a query, need assistance? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always ready to help.

Ready for the Wired Curing Light Revolution?

Phew! With the JR-CL17, say goodbye to the hassle of wireless curing lights. It’s time to embrace the reliability of wired technology.

What’s more, you’re not just getting a curing light. With VeepDental, you’re getting a partner committed to your dental practice’s success.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide

There are four basic types of dental curing light sources: tungsten halogen, light-emitting diodes (LED), plasma arcs, and lasers. The two most common are halogen and LEDs. In the early 1960s, the first light curing resin composites were developed.

A curing light is a light which is designed to rapidly cure a resin. Curing lights are used primarily in the dental industry, where they are used in fillings, sealants, and adhesives for various dental procedures.

LEDs as light-curing sources were first suggested in the literature in 1995. A short history of LED curing in dentistry was published in 2013. This light uses a gallium nitride-based semiconductor for blue light emission.

If you have a restorative practice, it’s an essential product, because an effective light will achieve success, while an inefficient one will make efforts tedious and less consistent. Below, we’ll give you a basic outline of the basics, and what experts such as the the Dental Advisor say about choosing curing lights.

There are 4 types of dental curing lights. All of them are capable of achieving the blue wavelength that is intended for polymerization. Among the 4, the two most common are LEDs and halogens.

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