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Inter-Proximal Reduction

Inter-Proximal Reduction

Highest diamond tips / odontologia metal auto strip
The highest diamond tips for IPR & Enameloplasty. Initial reduction in mesially or buccal zone and separation. Contouring and finishing of proximal restoration surfaces. Strip have a stable fram and locking structure. They can working with contra angle or use with manual level

How to work?
The teeth adjacent to the enamel grinding, re-forming, access to the gap or adjust the size of the teeth, to achieve the purpose of orthodontic orthodontic clinical operation.
The orthodontic work use with IPR(Inter proximal Enamel),it will be easily.”
Inter-Proximal Reduction Thinckness list

1pc of 4:1 decrease speed contra angle handle
1pc of manual handle
1pc of measure rule kit
12pcs of metal strip


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